Working Papers

  • Civil War Violence and Women’s Post-War Political Participation (with Caroline Hartzell, Lindsay Reed, Jessica Stanton)
  • Impossibility Dilemmas in Civil War Intervention (with William Spaniel )
  • “Alliances and Civil War Intervention” (with Brett Ashley Leeds and Jesse Johnson
  • “Refugees, Integration Policies, and Violence” (with Lamis Abdelaaty and Christopher Blair)
  • “Varieties of Violence in Refugee-Hosting Communities” (with Lamis Abdelaaty and Christopher Blair)
  • “Competing Verdicts: Multiple Election Monitors and Post-Election Violence” (with Daniela Donno, Kelly Morrison, Perisa Davutoglu)
  • Do Ethnic Dominoes Fall or Don’t They?: The Role of Strategy of Resistance in Self-Determination Movements” (with Nils-Christian Bormann)